Developing Your Own Unique Spiritual Path

by Archbishop John F. Gilbert, Ph.D., D.D.
(July 9, 2006)

If each of us is a unique part of the creation, then it is very logical to assume each of us has our own spiritual agenda. That spiritual agenda is more than to learn how to accept, forgive and love everything and everybody more and more. That spiritual agenda includes resolving all of our spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical issues of every kind.

If each of us is a unique part of the creation, and if the Divine is the all-accepting, all-forgiving and all-loving Source of all things, then it stands to reason we each have a unique set of tools to resolve all of our personal issues. Those tools are our innate intelligence, life experience, intuitive insights and direct communion with the Divine.

Our innate intelligence is all the knowledge we've gained on our journey through life since our birth. It also includes some deeper knowledge we brought into this lifetime from our spiritual home where we resided before our birth. That knowledge may be close to the surface in some people, but for most of us it is buried deep in our subconscious mind. Nobody can tell us what that knowledge is or where it's hidden or why. But when the situation calls for it, we can access that hidden knowledge. We just know what to do in spite of the fact we never learned to do that.

Our life experience is unique. Even people in the same situation learn and experience that situation differently. We see life through our own eyes and we filter what we see with our own mind, emotions and desires. We experience life with every level of our being. We experience life with our physical vehicle (Earth), astral body (Fire), emotions (Water), mind (Air) and our spiritual being (Spirit). We each experience life differently because we are each different people.

Our intuitive insights are also individualized. They speak to the person we are about the people and things in our life. When we tune into another person we pick up only what they are willing to share with us and what we pick up is filtered and limited by our own mind, feelings and desires. Our intuitive insights about ourselves are also filtered and limited by our own mind, feelings and desires. (mind = Air, feelings = Water and desires = Fire.)

Our direct communication with the Divine is likewise filtered and limited by our own mind, feelings and desires. When we learn to expand out mind, balance our feelings and subdue our passions, our direct communication with the Divine becomes Divine communion. To expand our mind means to become more aware, pay attention to life, awaken to our true spiritual identity, improve our memory, imagine a better future, logically solve problems, pay attention to our conscience and intuitive insights and allow our consciousness to expand. To balance our feelings means to become calm and peaceful during our Divine communion. To subdue our passions is to do the same thing.

This is a process. It doesn't happen overnight.

The process is to study and learn everything we want to study and learn. The process is to be ourselves and learn what appeals to us. It appeals to us because that's who we are. Take control of your own life. Discard the things that no longer serve you. Follow your own unique spiritual path. If you find something helpful, add it to your spiritual practices. If and when it is no longer useful to you, discard that part of your spiritual practices. Do the things that help you become the spiritual person you came here to become.

The world is filled with every kind of knowledge you can possibly imagine. You can not learn it all and you cannot use it all. Find what you want to learn and then learn it. Use what serves you and your spiritual path and discard the rest. Everything is not for everybody. Life offers us many more things than we could ever possibly use or need. We have to make choices and the choices we make predict our future.

Knowledge can be used to free you from the bondage of this world or to control you. Whenever anybody tells you that you must do it their way, you are their employee and you are entitled to be paid for your services. If anybody requires you to pay them so you can do it their way, you are paying them to control you. This is not a wise choice. First of all, their path is not your spiritual path. If any part of their path appeals to you, find another teacher who can help you learn that part, a teacher who wants you to learn how to find and follow your own unique spiritual path. Then learn what you want to learn and make it a part of your own unique spiritual path.

[This was written by Dr. Gilbert shortly after he became the presiding archbishop of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship on July 1, 2006. For more information about this subject see Resources.]

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