Within Spiritual Organizations Associated With the Universal Gnostic Fellowship

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship actively supports several spiritual orders to help our members worship the Divine within a community of like-minded people. The following spiritual orders provide such an environment:

Modern Essenes - a healing and teaching order for men and women interested in the energy and faith-centered healing arts.

Order of Mary - a quasi-contemplative order dedicated to helping people of all faiths establish closer communion with the Divine through Intentional Prayer.

Golden Temple of the Holy Grail - accepts all Gnostic Christians and those who believe in the Christ Consciousness. Church membership is required.

Golden Temple of Eternal Light - accepts all Gnostics who follow an Eastern Gnostic path similar to Buddhism, Hinduism or Yoga. Church membership is required.

Golden Temple of Gnostic Wisdom - Accepts all Gnostics regardless of their individual preferences. Church membership is required.

Golden Temple of Mother Earth - accepts all Gnostics with a Pagan or Earth-based approach to spirituality. Church membership is required.

Spiritual Health Coach License Board - is the official licensing board for Spiritual Health Coaches within the Church. Healers and nutritional experts are invited become licensed as spiritual healers.

Society of Universal Monks - a spiritual society for men based on living a sanctified, spiritual and sacred life as disclosed in The Sanctified Life.

Society of Universal Nuns a spiritual society for women based on living a sanctified, spiritual and sacred life as disclosed in ;The Sanctified Life.

Order of the Sisters of Julian - a contemplative order for women following the precepts disclosed in The Sanctified Life.

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The Universal Gnostic Fellowship also supports several initiatic Spiritual Orders and Organizations. In addition to several secret organizations available to members only, the following orders and organizations fall into that category:

Spiritual Alchemy - a healing and teaching order for men and women interested in transmuting their individual pain and suffering into Alchemical Gold or Divine Unconditional Love. Spiritual Alchemy is inner work.

Magical Golden Dawn - a system for meeting and using your spirit guides and guardian angel to help you grow along your individual spiritual path.

Ancient, Accepted & Esoteric Freemasons - teach a system of morality and the esoteric secrets of all ages for men and women traveling a spiritual path.

Ancient Order of Druids in America - open to all who wish to support the effort to restore Mother Earth to health and revitalize humanity in the process.

Earthcraft - an outdoors education and activity program for youth and adults based on the Woodcraft movement founded by Ernest Thompson Seton in 1902.

Intentional Prayer Network - a prayer network to help members commune with the Divine for the purpose of helping relieve the pain and suffering of this world. Members of the network pray for each other.

Intentional Prayer Project - a continual prayer project using quantum fields in addition to the Intentional Prayer Network designed to help others.

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship supports the following spiritual organizations and recommends them to our members:

The Tarot Institute - teaches spiritual methods for developing your intuition and working with the Tarot.

You Heal Yourself - approaches health and wellness as a God-given right and our responsibility to maintain. Their Consensus Report on Nutrition and Health is one of the most complete and accurate assessments of these subjects.

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