The following resources are highly recommended as tools for helping you find and follow your own unique spiritual path:

Ancient Order of Druids in America - Join a network of spiritual seekers dedicated to their own spiritual advancement while helping to heal Mother Earth and all of Her children while discovering more about ourselves and our place in this world.

Esoteric Masons - The 33 degrees of Masonry are the 33 paths on the Tree of Life. Esoteric Masonry is open to men and women who desire to find and follow their own unique spiritual path. People who enjoy ritual will love Masonry. People who hate ritual will love Esoteric Freemasonry

Intentional Prayer - Join a network to help yourself and others attain exactly what you want out of life through communicating with the Divine through Intentional Prayer.

Magical Golden Dawn - Learn how to work with your own Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides and the Elements to help you become the person you came into this lifetime to become.

Modern Essenes - Learn the ancient healing techniques of the Essenes to help heal yourself and others using the Essene Healing Breath, Hands of Love, Blessing Walk, Eyes of Love and other techniques.

Path of the Healing Dragon - This alchemical path is for helping you heal the wounded child within through a series of self-determined examinations followed by powerful healing techniques using the Primal Power within, the Unconditional Love of the Divine.

Power Meditation - Power MeditationT is a form of Kriya Yoga Meditation taught by Mahaswami Medhirananda based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and his lineage.

Spiritual Alchemy - The Alchemical Fellowship teaches an ancient form of Spiritual Alchemy designed to help you transform yourself into the person you know deep within yourself that you truly are.

Spiritual Health Coach License Board Become a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach to help others heal themselves using all of the healing techniques at your disposal.

The Tarot Institute - Learn how to use Tarot for spiritual path working on the Tree of Life, in the Astral Worlds and in improving the quality of your everyday life.

You Heal Yourself - Use this valuable resource for healing yourself on every level of your being and helping others do the sameusing the techniques developed by hundreds of professional healers.

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