Major Orders

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship offers ordination and consecration to qualified candidates. There are three Major Orders and the first step is to become a Deacon or Deaconess. A primary requirement for ordination as a Deacon or Deaconess is to complete the Minor Orders. The three Major Orders in the Universal Gnostic Fellowship are

  1. Deacon or Deaconess
  2. Priest, Priestess, Canon or Dean
  3. Bishop

The lineages passed on through the Universal Gnostic Fellowship consist of both the twenty-two historically proven lines of Apostolic Succession and the ten Gnostic lines historically in dispute.

[ Apostolic Succession ]

[ Non-Apostolic Lines ]


Any person ordained as a deacon, deaconess, minister, priestess or priest may affiliate with the Universal Gnostic Fellowship and receive the services of a mentor to assist him or her with her or his ministry. We accept all valid ordinations without exception and we do not require re-ordination though the sacrament is available upon request. The Church does have several Bishops willing and able to mentor, coach or assist our priests .

The Sacraments which each rank of the priesthood may confer are not restricted by dogma or doctrine. Both deacons and priests are independent and not subject to eccliastical jurisdiction within the Church. However, deacons serve at the pleasure of a priest or bishop, and priests work under the mentorship of a bishop in the Church.

Any person consecrated as a bishop may join the House of Independent Bishops and/or affiliate with the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. The Church has Archbishops willing and able to mentor, coach or assist bishops to the best of their ability upon request. Bishops are independent and not subject to eccliastical jurisdiction within the Church.

Administrative Orders

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship appoints qualified persons to administrative duties according to the person's qualifications. The three Administrative Orders are:

  1. Archdeacon or Archdeaconess
  2. Archpriest or Archpriestess
  3. Archbishop, including the Presiding Archbishop

The Four Golden Temple Empowerments

The four Golden Temples are available to all who complete their study of the Gnostic Lessons. These temples each offer seven attunements to help members move steadily and surely step by step along their chosen spiritual path. These four temples are:

  1. The Golden Temple of Gnostic Wisdom
  2. The Golden Temple of the Holy Grail
  3. The Golden Temple of Eternal Light
  4. The Golden Temple of Mother Earth

The empowerments for all of these Temples are passed to bishops through their consecration. Each bishop is free to activate any of these empowerments at any time. Effective September 1, 2005 the teachings of these temples have all been pulled down and are expected to be reposted to our website by the Winter Solstice.

The Essene Healing Attunements

The powerful healing attunements available through the Modern Essenes are transmitted to bishops through the UGC Gnostic lineage. These attunements may be activated at any time by the bishop.

The Reiki attunements are not transmitted through the act of consecrating a bishop. However, any bishop wishing to do so will be offered the teaching materials for any of the Reiki traditions at no cost. Where there are no fees to pay for attunements, these two will be transmitted at no cost.

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