The Law of One

There is One Intelligence in the Universe which expresses itself as everything, and everything in the Universe is an expression of this One Intelligence.

Different religions give different names to this One Intelligence and assign different qualities and attributes to it. Some believe the One Intelligence knew everything in the beginning and expresses this knowledge over time. Others believe this One Intelligence is continually learning more and more about Itself. These beliefs are neither right nor wrong in the Universal Gnostic viewpoint.

>Some religions believe humanity is separate from this One Intelligence and others believe humanity is collectively the One Intelligence. Many Gnostic sects believe all of humanity and all of the rest of the creation is part of the expression of the One Intelligence. In the Universal Gnostic viewpoint these beliefs are neither right nor wrong.

Some theologians teach humanity must approach the One Intelligence through an intermediary such as the priesthood. Others believe we each have a right and an obligation to approach the One Intelligence individually. Some see the One Intelligence as above and beyond human comprehension. Others see the possibility that the One Intelligence is a composite of all that exists. In the Universal Gnostic viewpoint these beliefs are neither right nor wrong.

Some Gnostics believe in reincarnation. Some believe in karma and retribution. Some believe in absolute forgiveness and unconditional love. Yet others believe all these things and more. The Universal Gnostic viewpoint is everything is a part of the One Intelligence and, beyond that, all knowledge, belief and understanding is a personal thing. Each individual has a right to pursue knowledge and understanding of the One Intelligence on an individual basis as a solitary practitioner or within the group or groups of that person's choice.

The Doctrine of One says very simply the Divine is Everything, and Everything is the Divine. Everything is the Great Mystery, and the Great Mystery is Everything. Everything is the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is Everything. Everything is the Grand Architect of the Universe and the Grand Architect of the Universe is Everything. Everything else said about the Divine is a personal belief and a personal decision. In the Universal Gnostic viewpoint all these beliefs and all these decisions are correct for that individual but may not be correct for others.

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