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Membership in the Universal Gnostic Fellowship is open to all persons eighteen years or older regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual preference, physical condition, condition of health, financial status or any other demographic variable. The only requirement for membership is acceptance of the Doctrine of One though we do suggest completion of the Gnostic Lessons.

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There are no dues nor financial obligation required of members. Donations are always appreciated and they are tax deductible. We always need more money to pay expenses and offer more services to our members. We appreciate your new member donation.

Donations to Universal Gnostic Fellowship are tax deductible (Federal Tax ID 43-2083084) and may be made in either of the following ways:

Mail your check or money order payable to Universal Gnostic Fellowship and mail them to:

Universal Gnostic Fellowship
PO Box 163
Ridgecrest, NC 28770

Or you may use your credit card over the IPX Services secure and confidential servers:

IPX Services Secure Credit Card Gateway

Teachings of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship are delivered in the following ways:

  1. Free instruction over this website

  2. Free Internet newsletter

  3. Reasonably-priced seminars

  4. Reasonably-priced audiotapes

  5. Courses from Universal Seminary

Members are encouraged to further their spiritual development by starting work on the first of the Gnostic Lessons These teachings are reasonably priced for members and carry no obligation on your part. There is no time limit nor constraint for completing any lesson.

If you ever have any questions, please contacts at info.ugf @

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