The Universal Gnostic Fellowship supports special interest Gnostic groups under our List of Endorsed Fellowships. Effective September 1, 2005 three or more members may form a Fellowshipand start their own website, newsletter and discussion group either independently or under the auspices of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. Members of each Fellowship are encouraged to help each other with rituals, study materials, devotions and other things for the benefit of the group.

The following Fellowships have been formed or are in the process of forming. You are invited to join any of them that appeal to you. (Those groups listed without a link do not yet have a web presence and may be contacted through our offices.):

  1. Chivalric Martinist Order - a free and independent expression of Templar Spirituality and Martinism updated for the 21st Century. The teachings, practices, and initiation of the Order encourage the initiate to lead a spiritual life of service.
  2. Christian Gnostic Fellowship - a group for Gnostic Christians, recovering Catholics, recovering Protestants and those who embrace the Christ Consciousness.
  3. Gnostic Druid Fellowship - a group working to save our environment and repair the damage humanity has caused our Mother Earth.
  4. Gnostic Essene Fellowship - is inviting all energy healers dedicated to helping other people heal themselves of all disease and injury of any kind. This group is open to members using Essene, Reiki and other energy healing systems.
  5. Gnostic Peace Fellowship - focuses on accomplishing peace in our time.
  6. Gnostic Shaman Fellowship - this is the Turtle-heart Fellowship. The Turtle-heart Fellowship is associated with the Turtle-heart School of Shamanic Spirituality.
  7. Gnostic Society of Initiates - is a Society of Martinists and those interested in the Martinist movement. Initiation is not a requirement for membership.
  8. Gnostic Yoga Fellowship - supporting those interested in Buddhist, Hindu and Eastern spiritual philosophy and meditation as a path to enlightenment.
  9. House of Independent Bishops - for Bishops, Metropolitans, Archbishops, High Priests, High Priestesses, Exalted High Priests, Exalted High Priestesses and others holding similar or comparable offices.
  10. Mystical Reunion Fellowship - Integration through meditation, contemplation, prayer, and ritual for spiritual growth and advancement toward oneness and reunion with All That Is.
  11. Order of the Friends of Jeshua - a Christian Gnostic fellowship. For more information, please contact friartuck531 @ aol.com
  12. Prison Outreach- this is a fellowship of priests and bishops serving prisoners as part of their ministry. For more information on this project, please contact Joel_Vore @ gmail.com
  13. Sisters of Julian - this is a fellowship of women devoted to a contempletive life in an urban setting
  14. Sophia Fellowship - this is the Garden of Sophia - Magdalene Fellowship for honoring the Divine Feminine, the Divine Goddess, the Mother of all things within the Universe.
  15. Turtle-heart Fellowship - honoring the Oceanic Motherland and Andean Ancestral Mysticism. This Fellowship is associated with the Turtle-heart School of Shamanic Spirituality.
  16. Temple of Gaia - for those wishing to follow or learn about a Pagan Wicca spiritual path. The Temple is a teaching coven, both physical and in cyberspace, dedicated to helping people find their own path.
  17. Universal Monks - a male fellowship of spiritual seekers who follow the basic teachings of a Sanctified Life.    
  18. Universal Nuns - a female fellowship of spiritual seekers who follow the basic teachings of a Sanctified Life

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