We believe each and every individual has the ability, right and obligation to seek his or her own enlightenment and gain personal knowledge and communication with the Divine Creator of All. We believe we're all in this lifetime together to help each other. We believe we're here to help you and you're here to help us. Let's help each other.

Our Definition of Gnostic:

A Gnostic [ Gno' - stic = "gnaw" + "stick" ] is a person who seeks personal knowledge of the Divine.

How to Find and Follow Your Own Unique Spiritual Path


The Mission of Universal Gnostic Fellowship is to help people find and follow their own unique spiritual path.

Developing Your Own Unique Spiritual Path


The Universal Gnostic Fellowship publishes a weekly newsletter called Gnostic News where we discuss several topics of interest including the Tree of Life, Qaballah, Gnostic Gospels, Apocrypha, Bhagavad Gita, Pseudepigrapha and several other spiritual writings.

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The Universal Gnostic Fellowship offers a course of study to assist all spiritual travelers in finding and following their own spiritual path. These lessons are designed to help you better understand yourself and your own spiritual path.

The Gnostic Lessons

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship offers you a course on developing your intuition which you are free to take at any time.


The Universal Gnostic Fellowship is open to all who accept the fundamental Law of One. This is the only doctrine or dogma required for membership. We have no restrictions regarding your membership. We accept members regardless of previous or present church memberships. We do not ban members of any other faith. We do not ban nor excommunicate any member who is or was a member of any other church. We suggest that all members complete the Gnostic Lessons so they have a better understanding of both the Universal Gnostic Fellowship and Gnosticism in general.

Gnostic Lessons

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The Universal Gnostic Fellowship supports diversity to embrace all Gnostic traditions through Fellowships of like-minded spiritual travelers. We started this program in September, 2005. We presently have five fellowships up and running, three more almost ready to launch and a few more in the planning stage. We encourage you to discover a Fellowship that works for you, or we'll help you form your own Fellowship.

Information About Gnostic Fellowships


Several groups within the Universal Gnostic Fellowship have formed themselves into orders or organizations to help members discover their purpose for living and to learn how to commune with the Divine for self-improvement and to help other people. The Church is always open to helping others form a similar group or organization.

Recommended Spiritual Organizations

Recommended Reading List

Recommended Resources


The Universal Gnostic Fellowship offers ordination as a deacon or deaconess, priest or priestess and consecration as a bishop to qualified persons. We accept ministers and bishops ordained by any faith into our clergy.

Gnostic Lessons
Holy Orders


The Universal Gnostic Fellowship maintains the House of Independent Bishops as a public service and resource for independent Gnostic bishops. Members are invited but not required to be a member of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. Members pledge to cooperate with each other to the best of their ability for the benefit of humanity and the whole creation.


The Universal Gnostic Fellowship is founded in the belief that all healing of all kinds is spiritual healing. All healing of every kind comes from the Divine. We heal ourselves in cooperation with the Divine. The Divine is the source of all healing. Nobody else can heal us.

Maintaining healthy spiritual health appears to be the single most important component of all healing and the prevention of all physical, emotional, mental and psychological disease. The most effective means for communicating this to the public is through the process of coaching rather than demanding.

With these things in mind the Church established the Spiritual Health Coach License Board to license Spiritual Health Coaches and help people heal themselves. The Modern Essenes have a healing ministry to help people heal themselves. You're invited to learn and use their healing techniques.

Spiritual Health Coach License Board

Spiritual Healer License Board

Fellowship of Modern Essenes

You Heal Yourself

To this list we also add the link the the Alliance of Christian Healers License Board, whose license requirements are very similar to the Spiritual Health Coach Program. The major difference between the two boards is you must be a practicing Christian to be licensed as a spiritual healer by the ACHLB. Christian Gnostics can qualify if they are a member of the Christian Gnostic Fellowship.


Christian Gnostic Fellowship


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